Dec 05, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Community Education Division


Professional Training

BridgeValley’s professional development training provides tools needed not just for continued career success, but also for starting off in a new career direction or staying up-to-date with required industry certifications. We offer computer training, medical skills training, preparation for licensure exams, as well as an array of continuing education programs for career development. Browse our continuing education and certification offerings below for details on our professional development workshops. Professional training is sometimes approved for continuing education units (CEUs), national certification, or state licensing credentials. (See below for our policies regarding workshops / courses, CEUs, non-credit to credit conversion possibilities, and non-credit financial aid opportunities.)

  • Phlebotomy Technician 
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • EKG Technician
  • Real Estate Pre-License Salesperson 
  • Online Human Resources Management & Interpersonal Skills 
  • Online SHRM Learning System

Non-credit to Credit Conversion

Consistent with authority granted in the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education Series 3, non-credit students may elect to have their non-credit training converted to credit and placed on their academic transcript. Certain non-credit courses will be deemed worthy of credit using the rule established in WVCTCS Series 3. The chief academic officer of the community and technical college or designee approves the actual awarding of college equivalent credit.

All students must complete BridgeValley admission requirements regardless of their intent to seek college credit. All non-credit students wishing to enroll in any of the courses which have been deemed worthy of academic credit will be initially admitted to BridgeValley as a non-degree seeking student and registered in the non-credit section of the course. Non-credit students will not have to submit transcripts to the Student Services Admissions staff, until the student desires to apply for academic financial aid, or when she/he changes her/his non-degree seeking status to identify a degree for which she/he wishes to pursue. If a student has a military transcript, BridgeValley faculty and staff will determine if prior learning or competency has been documented through evaluation of that transcript. If a military transcript verifies applicable prior learning or competency, then that student will have an altered schedule that recognizes prior accomplishments of relevant learning outcomes. Students will be assigned a student identification number and BridgeValley email address within a week of the Student Services Admissions staff receiving the students’ admission application.

Within the first two weeks of the non-credit course, each student will have the option to participate in the non-credit to credit conversion process. If a student elects to convert her/his non-credit training into college-level credit, she/he may do so by completing the Request to Convert Non-Credit Coursework to College Credit form. Once students are registered for credit section of the course, all academic policies contained in this catalog are applicable to the student.

Grades awarded in noncredit classes will be a follow: “S” for satisfactory, “U” for unsatisfactory, “W” for Withdrawal, “D” for drop deleted, and an “I” for incomplete. Non-credit students who elect to receive academic credit will be graded with the normal grading mode of BridgeValley. If a non-credit course has a cooperative learning experience with industry such as an internship or a clinical rotation, students must demonstrate mastery at 80% as a minimum before they are sent to our affiliated organizations.

BridgeValley non-degree-seeking students enjoy the same privileges and are held accountable under the same Board of Governor’s approved policies regarding academic rights and student responsibilities of conduct. Each of these polices are posted on the BridgeValley web page at