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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Institutional Learning Outcomes Core Requirements

The Institutional Learning Outcomes focus on four educational areas as outlined below. The following list summarizes courses that fall within each of the four areas.

Note: (1) Courses with asterisks indicate provisional approval as an ILO designated course, pending a resubmission the following academic year with data included. Two asterisks indicate a two-year provisional approval.


Communicate effectively when speaking and writing, using appropriate technology.


Employ qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills to interpret and analyze data, solve problems, synthesize hypotheses, and communicate findings.


Demonstrate civil discourse appropriate for living and working in a diverse society through the use and understanding of social respect, social responsibility, and social ethics.


Apply the critical thinking process to analyze problems and make informed decisions.

Legend for Symbols Used In Program Maps and Course Descriptions

Symbol Description
~ Transfer Course
Designates Co-Requisite Course-
  • Registration in additional support component may be required, based upon placement scores.
 ENGL 101E, ENGL 101F, MATH 109E, MATH 113E, BUSN 112E

Milestone Course- Milestones are critical courses that must be completed

to move forward in the program.

ILO  Institutional Learning Outcome